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Reliable Backup, Recovery and Replication

Unleash effective protection for all data, regardless of state or location. Reduce recovery and compliance risk to meet objectives head-on. Scale confidently to the level that best meets business needs. It’s time to be flexible as everything needs to be protected — cloud, virtual, physical — it’s all part of data center now. Rely on the simplicity that only Veeam® can deliver with comprehensive backups of everything that runs business.

Overland Storage RDX

Various storage solution and backup appliances from TANDBERG DATA and OVERLAND STORAGE including SNAPSERVER and RDX MEDIA. We also carry other brands of Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices. RDX® is a removable disk-based technology providing lightning fast backup and restore. The RDX product family is designed to deliver cost efficiency to small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) with growing data storage needs. There's no technical mountain to climb here, and it's just as easy to store data offsite simply remove the pocket-sized disk media and carry to another location.


Weve been doing tape backup for more than 20 years—and we know how to do it right. Arcserve Backup will help you simply and cost-effectively:

  • Manage more data in more locations

  • Reduce long-term data storage costs

  • Copy data off-site and to the cloud for disaster recovery and data archiving

  • Monitor systems to actively prevent unacceptable downtime or data loss

  • Ensure faster, more granular data recovery in the event of an unplanned outage


Veritas Data Protection solutions enable you to protect, locate, and recover more information in less time across a multitude of platforms, storage environments, or hybrid-cloud architectures. Veritas NetBackup Integrated Solutions combine turnkey backup and recovery with deduplication solutions in an easy-to-deploy form factor, providing flexibility and cost savings.

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